(866) 457-5559 Live Support 6 Days a Week (Saturdays too) 4,000+ 5-Star Google Verified Reviews
(866) 457-5559 Live Support 6 Days a Week (Saturdays too) 4,000+ 5-Star Google Verified Reviews
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The state of Ohio provides patients with a downloadable version of their card. What if you can't print it? What if you are having issues at the dispensary with service on your phone? Don't let card issues stop you from getting the relief you deserve. These are made of the same material as your state-issued ID, so you won't have to worry about them tearing. Limited quantities, get yours today!

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The state will provide you with a free downloadable version of your medical marijuana card. If you can't download your card or if you want a convenient plastic card. we can help! Once you pay the state fee and activate your card your card will be mailed within 10-15 business days.

Below add-ons are available only for Ohio Medical Marijuana patient.
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A caregiver is a designated individual who can buy, transport, possess and administer medical marijuana on your behalf. If you need assistance completing and registering for a caregiver there will be a $20 administrative fee.

For NEW Caregivers ONLY. If you already have a caregiver, then you do not have to pay this fee. If you are adding an additional caregiver you must pay this fee.
If you have medical records verifying your condition or are a returning patient to the medical marijuana program, you do not need this service. Please select this service if you do not have records and suffer from Chronic Pain or PTSD. OMA does not guarantee approval of a diagnosis.